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Present your images with Zoomtool

From wide-angle overview to incredible close-up. Your designs, photographs and sketches come alive in a way that was not possible on the web before.

Tell a great story

  • Add text, overlays, highlights and videos to your images to convey meaning and context.
  • Create focus areas to control the pacing of your story.
  • Need your colleague’s opinion? It is only a link away.

Progressively reveal detail


How it works

When you upload your high-resolution images ZoomTool breaks them up into small parts. Your viewers only download the parts of the image they need, ensuring perfectly crisp images at blazing speeds.

Reach a wide audience

Share your interactive content and reach a wider audience. Let users learn, engage and explore the story. This is the ultimate way to let your idea have the impact it deserves!


Would you like to use ZoomTool for bringing your work to life? Let us know and we'll get in touch!

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