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Empower and engage visitors


The interactive kiosk provides museum visitors an intuitive interface to dive into the background of the collection. The content exists of Wikpedia articles, which are selected by the museum's curators.
At Frontwise, the user-friendliness of interfaces is a major focus point. In this project we tried to improve the readability of the Wikipedia content. This resulted in shortened line lengths, appealing and clear font types and friendly colors with plenty of white space. By using a portrait orientation, it is pleasant for visitors to scan through, and read, longer articles.

Design of the stand


The kiosk is designed to look friendly and unobtrusive while still being visible in a room. Wikipedia offers this kiosk to many different museums. Therefore the design is minimalistic but still recognizable.

Wikipedia redefined


All the parts of Wikipedia are redesigned to make a more appealing and user friendly interface. The fonts for the heading and body text, the infoboxes and icons are restyled to create a consisting look and feel throughout the use of the product. Frontwise also implemented tools such as language selection, search and a selectable font-size. The latter in order to provide the right readability for all the different users.

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