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A digital design system with maximum flexibility


TenCate is a global corporation with multiple entities and hundreds of brands. A major internal transition enabled divisions of TenCate to function more independently. Although this opened doors for each division to communicate more directly to their target groups, the look and feel must still be that of a single brand. Frontwise created a design system of building blocks that enables divisions to have maximum flexibility while still achieving a coherent look and feel in all their communication. The main goal of the design system is to focus on online conversion. The AIDA model was used as guidance and inspiration for how each block should have a clear message and a call to action. Next to the conversion of potential clients, existing clients are also catered to in the shape of a client portal.

Engaging pages with room to communicate




Imagine a webpage that is dynamic and tailored to each unique visitor. Frontwise and TenCate dreamed up this future outlook and created a system of Pageparts that facilitates this kind of flexibility. Pages can be generated more dynamically by adding or removing pageparts depending on the visitor. Each pagepart has a specific function, message and call-to-action. A lot of wireframes were created to come up with new kinds of ways to build pages out of these pageparts. Each pagepart is fully responsive so the whole system works on any kind of screensize.

Maximized for the largest and smallest screens

Page templates


Page templates are created to make it easier for TenCate employees to build a website for their division. Frontwise created several ready to go templates, that still can be customized. The page templates can be seen as a group of pageparts. However, this also includes special pages such as search-results, 404-error pages, etc.

Icon set


A custom icon set was designed to improve consistency. Icons can be a great tool in communication, as it bridges language barriers. You can clearly see how Frontwise designed the whole system at every level. From the big concept, the bigger page templates to the smallest details such as the icons. The custom icons emphasize the threads that TenCate uses to create all their materials, to give a light and technical look and feel.

Moving forward


Frontwise provided the overall concept, UX design and visual design for the new TenCate website. We worked closely with the head of communication and D-iD who took care of the development. The new website is currently being rolled out throughout various TenCate divisions.

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