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Skybee Nectar Collector

SkyBee 'Nectar Collector' is an exciting adventure race! Fly through colorful worlds and catch lovely flowers to collect nectar. Sting targets to earn extra points.

  • Simple controls: just tilt your phone to steer SkyBee, tap the attack button to sting.
  • VR-enabled! Use your CardBoard or VR-glasses for a blasting 3D experience.

Enjoy, and may the nectar bee with you! Bzzzzzt!


Unique gameplay

Tilt your device to steer Skybee and catch that lovely nectar and avoid obstacles. Join your new friend in this sugar rush, and have an exciting adventure!


Cubyss is a free puzzle game for people who want to train their spatial cognition. It explores three-dimensional structures in 2D. As you try to guide the red block towards its goal you will find that your perspective on the situation matters... a lot! This is a game designed for people who love a challenge and think about the rubik's cube at least once a week.

Challenge accepted!

Are you a problem solver? Do you like to break through barriers? Download Cubyss now; Good luck!

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